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Maya The PapayaYT

Hi! My name is Maya The Papaya (or official name, Maya Grace Yosef) and I love to make videos for my beloved Papaya People!

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There are 2 ways you can find my channel.

1. Search up Maya Yosef

2. Search up mypuppydogsadie

I actually have new merchandise coming out soon called Amazingly Abstract!

My brother has a new YT channel called EliPlayzGamezYT and I made him merchandise too with Wix Logo Maker.


If you have any suggestions for fun videos or other then email me at

I also want to say my merchandise website is not going to be on this website, also, Eli will have his own website.

Eli has recently made his first YT video and for some reason the sound didn’t work. That has happened to me on a few videos and I deleted those videos.

I do not want to delete Eli’s first YT video so I will not delete it. I hope you understand.

You know how my ending is, stay awesome, stay sweet, and be sure to always stay nice to each other, bye bye!; and then the hand cover? Well Eli is going to do the dab and say, YaYeet!

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I hope you all enjoyed this new website, (I know it is on my dad’s page but I couldn’t find a good editor so, sorry, ‘kay?)

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Bye bye!

~Maya The Papaya (AKA Hopefully your favorite YouTuber)


I am an Assistant professor at the Department of EECS and a member of the Center for Computational Biology at UC Berkeley.

I started my research group in January of 2014 after spending some time as a postdoc at the Broad Institute and Harvard medical school. The overarching goal of my research is to utilize high-throughput genomic data sets, mostly based on DNA sequencing,  in order to build models that explain how gene expression is regulated.  We have special interest in immune cells, covering various aspects of their biology, such as their differentiation, stability/ plasticity, and response to acute stimulation.

Check out the projects page for some of our completed, ongoing and planned research work. For a more complete survey of my research, see the publication page.